To become a driver

A complete program for 55.000 Euros VAT exc. !

  • A complete offer for candidates born between the 1st January 1990 and the 31st December 1998 : identical single-seaters drawn by lots at the beginning of the season, supply of race overalls and official clothing, two gathering training sessions with official training day on the Bugatti circuit of Le Mans.
  • 7 meetings with 21 races (2013 calendar)
  • A state-of-the-art single-seater :
    carbon monocoque reaching FIA F3 2008 standards, Renault engine 1600 cc - 160 bhp, 470 kg, 5-speed dog engagement with shift-cut gearbox, Paddle Shift system, Motec system for data acquisition, fly by wire accelerator system, maximum speed : more than 220 kph
  • A unique world-wide training centre: training sessions supervised by professional instructors, medical and sportive supervision, diversified training seminaries, adapted scholar supervision for youngsters aged less than 21