14/10 - New - French F4 Championship

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In the current difficult sporting and economic climate, the French Motor Sports Federation (FFSA) is more attentive than ever to the needs of the various participants in motor sport. Everybody agrees that bringing back a single-seater championship to French circuits would be a major boost. The FFSA has decided that its training school, the Auto Sport Academy, is the right body to meet these expectations, and above all that it should revive a long-standing tradition – a French champion title. It is worth remembering that the last driver to win this title is Jean-Eric Vergne, Red Bull Junior Team driver, who was recently crowned British F3 Champion. In 2011, the federal training school will set up the French F4 Championship, which will be held on French circuits, and also on the international scene with management adapted to young drivers. Fourteen races are planned for a budget capped at 50 000 euros (tax not included).

To bring to fruition their project to launch a French Championship for modern single-seaters on French circuits, the FFSA and Renault Sport technologies in agreement with Total, long-time partner and main sponsor of the Auto Sport Academy, have decided to place the category as the first step on the national motor sporting ladder.

The Regional Motor Sport Committees will again become involved to enable their young hopes to be integrated into the federal training scheme.

The youngsters will evolve in the showcase of French circuit racing, and will compete on the main French circuits on five occasions. Two international meetings are also planned.

In the area of training, stability reigns with conferences and courses linked to the practice of professional motor sport. Two courses are scheduled during the season for the students, and specific training programmes will be designed. The main innovation is that they will also be open to all licence-holders and motor sport enthusiasts. A booklet will soon be published to present the full range of all the training products offered by the Auto Sport Academy.

From a sporting point of view, the spirit hasn’t changed with the same car, the Formula Academy introduced in 2008, and the principle of equality is also maintained. Driving skills will again make the difference.

At the end of the year, the Auto Sport Academy will award a prize to help one or more drivers access an upper formula the following year - as usual, priority will go to the Formula Renault 2.0 Championship.

During the winter break, the Auto Sport Academy will organize a couple of selection days at Le Mans to recruit candidates for the title of French champion, as was the case for Jean-Eric Vergne. 
Dates and additional information are available from 33 (0) 2 43 4361 00 - -
“We are well aware of the expectations of the different participants in motor sport from drivers to organizers and the media, so we want to relaunch a strong French single-seater championship. The Auto Sport Academy is the FFSA’s main ladder with the programme for 10 to15 year olds, which is a training and management course for young French kart drivers to help them access the top level, the FFSA French Kart teams and then the FFSA French Circuit teams. Thus, it seemed logical to call on our training centre to go back to basics on our circuits through the competition it has been organizing since 1993, in which big names in French motor sport like Bourdais and Dumas, and more recently Vernay and Vergne made their debut. By creating a French Champion title again, we would like to renew a long-standing tradition that this unique French single-seater championship title represents,” explains Nicholas Deschaux, the President of the French Motor Sports Federation.

14 races including 4 international ones – 50 000 euros for the season – A French single-seater Champion title